Juicy burgers in fluffy bun, handmade French fries and fresh salads. Delicious tap beer from Czech or Belgium breweries on top. Do you need anything more to be happy?

Burger BBQ Chuck Roll

ground matured beef chuck roll, Cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado salsa, bbq sauce, Lyon onion, garlic mayo, iceberg lettuce


ground beef, Cheddar cheese, bacon, pickle, onion, mustard, ketchup, lettuce

Burger Double Cubano

double beef burger, pork ham, bacon, Gouda & Cheddar cheese,
spicy habanero salsa, pickle, honey mustard, ketchup, lettuce

Burger Dolce Villa

ground beef, fried egg, bacon, Cheddar cheese, pickle, onion, tomato,
Dijon mustard, ketchup, lettuce

Burger Divočák

ground wild boar shoulder, blue cheese with caramelized walnuts
and cranberries, bacon, potato chips, rowanberry chutney, mayo, onion, lettuce

Burger Rasta

ground chicken thighs with Jamaican spices, bacon, slightly spicy pineapple
chilli tapenade with cilantro, avocado mayo, tomato, onion, lettuce

Degustační set

tasting of three different mini burgers from our menu – cheeseburger,
chuck roll, rasta

Burger Telecí

ground veal burger, Gouda cheese, bacon, sun-dried tomato salsa with pine nuts
and Parmesan, grilled onion, pesto mayo, arugula

Burger Vegetarián

corn & spinach burger, fried egg, Cheddar cheese, roasted bell pepper
tapenade, onion marmelade, sun-dried tomato mayo, tomato, lettuce

Restaurace Steak Salát - Burger Bar

Belgium beer specials

You can choose your favorite Czech or Belgium beer from one of seven beer taps.

Belgické pivní speciality - Burger Bar
Salát - Burger Bar Šneci - Burger Bar

Fresh homemade bun

Juicy burger from happy Czech cows tastes best in crispy homemade bun.

Čerstvě pečená domácí houska - Burger Bar

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