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Salmon sashimi recipe

Salmon sashimi recipe

Sashimi is a sliced raw fish originally from Japanese. You can find the salmon sashimi on our standard menu at this moment and we have recipe for you.

320g salmon
50ml sesame oil
20g ginger
1 piece of spring onion
5g sesame seads
20ml soy sauce, wasabi, wakame salad (according to your taste)

Cut the thin slices of salmon through the fibres and place them on a plate. Heat sesame oil until it will smoke. In the meantime cut the ginger and spring onion into thin slices and place them on the salmon. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Spill the boiling oil (it begins to smoke intensively) on the fish,.The surface of fish will close. Finally, pour the soy sauce, add wasabi and wakame salad.
You can also use tuna instead of salmon.

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